I had a recent conversation with some wonderful people from GLG about resilience, and they mentioned a couple of authors who had resilience books I hadn’t yet run across. So of course I went to Amazon and found some good used copies to add to my library.

One of them is called The Art of Resilience: 100 Paths to Wisdom and Strength in an Uncertain World, by Carol Orsborn. I’ve just begun to delve into it, but it is a lovely book. She presents 100 different nuggets of wisdom related to the process of recovering from disruptive change, each of them accompanied by an essay–some personal stories or stories about others, some musings on a topic, some folk tales, some sage advice; and all good food for thought and healing the soul. The items are divided into 10 sections, which she describes as being organized in a progression from the initial shock of impact to short- and long-term stages of recovery. It’s a very poetic book that would make a good series of meditations for someone going through a tough time.

According to the Amazon web site, it’s not available in print any more, although there are some used copies available, but there is a Kindle edition.

I hope to periodically find additional books to share. Would love to hear your suggestions!